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Peter Ramaut
Chairman of the Board

Peter Ramaut is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with significant experience in medium-sized international companies. In addition to his current role as an independent Board member, he offers broad exposure to international business. Dedicated to compliance and structure, his speciality lies in devising optimal financing structures from existing business strategies to amplify value and returns for all involved stakeholders.

Nick van Huyssteen

Nick van Huyssteen is a proactive entrepreneur with a strong background in business economics. After acquiring his B.Com (Hons), he diversified his experience across various sectors from Mining to Petro-Chemical. One of his notable accomplishments includes establishing African Bank Ltd. Post 2000, his image emerged in the coal mining industry emphasising the beneficial aspects of coal dumps.

Michael Rodenburg

Michael Rodenburg is a globally acclaimed CEO with dynamic international business acumen. His prowess spans over business scaling, global expansion, M&A, and restructuring, primarily in private equity backed, listed joint ventures, and family ventures. His global footprint has marked the USA, UAE, Switzerland, Belgium and South Africa.

Johan Swanepoel
Managing Director & Partner

Johan Swanepoel is a vibrant and experienced professional with over 40 years in fruit farming, logistics and distribution. His journey covers a breadth of significant agricultural stints in southern Africa specifically in fruit growing, sorting, and packing. His wide range of responsibilities incorporates - Farm and Infrastructure Development, Crop & Fertigation Management, Nurseries and trials, Finance, HR, and Labour and Skills Development. Johan is well recognised for his warm, hands-on approach and commitment towards staff development. His passion has escorted thousands of employees to become skilled artisans in the sustainable fruit growing sector.

Jaco Verryne
Development Manager

Jaco Verryne applies his robust expertise in planning, executing, and managing large-scale agricultural projects, with a sharp focus on attention to detail, logistics, and labour planning. Passionate about his career, he emphasises the importance of overarching objectives in successful project execution.

Renè Schoeman
Assistant to Johan

Renè Schoeman is pivotal to ensuring professional execution of all admin and processing duties. With her rigorous work ethics, she enhances the smooth functioning of the Waterstone Berries team by facilitating human resource and administrative tasks. She is a firm advocate of a strong organisational culture and solid policies in place.

Mikhail Havenga
EHS Manager

With a background in environment and agriculture, Mikhail Havenga is committed to promoting a sustainable equilibrium between agriculture and the environment. This commitment extends to his role in ensuring respect for cultural biodiversity and leading crop research trials.

Phori Sehlooho
Production Manager

Phori Sehlooho prioritises production vitality and the nurturing of a responsive working environment. His philosophy is "lenient on people and strict on standards".

AC Koch
Sales and Marketing Manager

AC has been part of the agricultural community for the last 25 years . He has held various South African and International positions in marketing , packhouse management, packaging development and logistics. AC is responsible for marketing, packhouse and logistics at Saronsberries.

Francois Boonzaaier
Compliance Officer

With 5 years in the agricultural sector, Francois Boonzaaier's focus is adherence to compliance, ensuring that the farm meets and exceeds international standards.

Michael Nyirongo
Coldroom Supervisor

As the Coldroom Supervisor, Michael Nyirongo champions teamwork effort, ensuring that the fruit is of supreme quality and that the working environment secures safety.

Reabetswe Tjiane
Production Assistant

Reabetswe Tjiane’s key duties revolve around fertigation, irrigation, harvest planning, field QC, and cold room quality control. A dedicated agricultural enthusiast, he graduated in Crop Production from Tshwane University.

Winny Masoma
Production Assistant

Winny Masoma is renowned for her compelling personality and strength in resolving difficult situations. Her accumulated experience across agriculture and passion for people focusses on managing labour and large projects efficiently.

Colin Mankopan

Colin Mankopan upholds Waterstone Berries' administrative tasks while ensuring the smooth run of audit-related requirements. His meticulous and structured work manner maintains an organised and efficient office environment.

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