Please note that Saronsberries is now Waterstone Berries!

Redefining Impact Blueberry Farming

We are committed to making a measurable impact on social and environmental metrics while cultivating delicious blueberries. Join us in redefining the potential of farming and driving positive change.

Who are we?

Waterstone Berries is an impact investment blueberry orchard. Currently, we are developing over 180 hectares of land, with plans to expand in four phases. Our goal is to reach a total farmed area of approximately 170-200 hectares. Waterstone Berries also has an on-site packing and refrigeration facility.

Our investors and partners share our vision for a better future, not only for us but also for our community. They understand our commitment to achieving social and environmental impact while generating financial returns. Through sustainable farming practices, we aim to promote biodiversity, minimize environmental harm, and create economic opportunities, jobs, and skill development within local communities.

People First

Respect. Honesty. Transparency

Learn. Teach. Grow.

Ethically Sustainable. Innovative Technology


Water preservation. Smart Farming Practices. Education & Training

Be Involved

Accountablity.  Passion. Development

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